Sonic Escape PhotoSince 2009, New York City-based Sonic Escape has been on a steadfast mission to take over the world.  Armed with flute, violin and cello, their game plan – use hyper-instrumentals to fill hearts with indescribable joy – has led them to stubbornly write their own rules in a world that encourages everything but.  The results are frequently hilarious, always heartwarming and addictive beyond belief!  With trademark candor, Sonic Escape speaks passionately on subjects they know little about: hard work, love, sacrifice, 9-to-5 jobs, retirement… nothing is off-limits!  You’ll find yourself laughing out loud till, what’s that, a tear?  That’s right.  Their magical sound – crafted in the practice rooms of Juilliard and honed on hundreds of stages across 30 North American states & provinces – just sideswiped you.  With melodies so original and stage presence so dynamic, you may find yourself remarking (as an audience member did), “I couldn’t help but chuckle.  There was such life and joy.  The joy welled up and burst out!”

World domination is no easy task.  Shawn Wyckoff (flute), Maria Kaneko Millar (violin) and Nan-Cheng Chen (cello) have sworn themselves to the warrior’s life, soloing at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center while starring in roles as diverse as fiddle-dancing in Riverdance, soloing & drumming with taiko troupes, improvising with Native-American flute masters, dancing while performing the tango music of Astor Piazzolla, and playing rock clubs across NYC.  This powerhouse trio pushes itself to the brink – singing, dancing, joking, and above all, playing their hearts out with a “wildly imaginative… anything goes sense of fun.”  (The Washington Post)

Without allies, Sonic Escape would be but a wistful dream.  Fortunately, the world is a happier, more acoustic-instrumental place thanks to the people and organizations that stand united with Sonic Escape!  Performing arts centers such as Lincoln Center (NYC), Chautauqua Institution (Chautauqua, NY), Irish Arts Center (NYC), Oxnard Performing Arts & Convention Center (Oxnard, CA) and the Imperial Theatre (Sarnia, ON) have provided formidable stages for Sonic Escape’s larger-than-life sounds and dance moves.  Concerts and workshops at the University of Missouri (St. Louis, MO), University of Wisconsin (Whitewater, WI), Penn State (Erie, PA), Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY) and The Juilliard School (NYC) have enabled them to share with audiences and students alike!  Then there’s the festivals… whether thousands camp without running water or gather in idyllic town squares, Sonic Escape loves them all and has performed at the Summer Arts Festival (Huntington, NY), Blue Skies Music Festival (Clarendon, ON), Elora Festival (Elora, ON) and Cherry Blossom Festival (Philadelphia, PA).  Lastly, Canada Council for the Arts, Chamber Music America and the Puffin Foundation have generously funded Sonic Escape’s compositions, travels, and the creation of a 5-day residency project.  So look out!  When you see that green minivan rolling into town, make way for the 3 nomads (and maybe even 2 traveling cats) of Sonic Escape: good times and superb music are sure to follow!